A-Sun Amissa - Live at HANS III

Back in October 2019, on a European tour, A-Sun Amissa was fortunate enough to perform at HANS III festival in the Netherlands. The show was a real highlight of the tour and was captured as a live recording by the wonderful festival crew. It's our pleasure to release this document into the world via our bandcamp page and it's available now as a 'pay what you want' download.

A-Sun Amissa - Live at HANS III

Recorded live at HANS III, Diepenheim, NL on October 12th 2019

Richard Knox: Guitar, FX, Tape Manipulation
Claire Knox: Bass, Clarinet, Vocals, FX

The Thaw
A Hungover Whisper
Breath by Breath (Part I)

Recorded, edited and mastered by Mike Kramer
Technicians Pascal Nijenhuis, JP Rooze and Jurre Schwarts
With thanks to the HANS III artists and crew and special thanks to Hans and Mieke