Formed in 2011, A-Sun Amissa have been exploring the edges of some kind of avant-rock ever since. The quest to keep delving deep into new voids sees the project moving in and around a diverse chasm of melancholic drone, post-rock, doom and ambient sounds.

A-Sun Amissa is led by Richard Knox and has featured an array of members and collaborators over the years including Colin H. van Eeckhout (Amenra, CHVE), Jo Quail and Aidan Baker (Nadja) amongst many others. Recorded output has been released on Richard's own Gizeh label as well as Belgium's Consouling Sounds. Most recently A-Sun Amissa released their fifth studio album ‘For Burdened and Bright Light’ in September 2019, featuring two colossal, 20 minute pieces of music that forge a pathway through the duality of light and dark, hope and despair.




A-Sun Amissa - Black Rain | SLOWSECRET - Richard Knox A-Sun Amissa - For Burdened and Bright Light | SLOWSECRET - Richard KnoxA-Sun Amissa - Ceremony in the Stillness A-Sun Amissa - The Gatherer | SLOWSECRET - Richard Knox A-Sun Amissa - You Stood Up For Victory, We Stood Up For Less | SLOWSECRET - Richard Knox A-Sun Amissa - Desperate in Her Heavy Sleep | SLOWSECRET - Richard Knox
A-Sun Amissa - Live A-Sun Amissa - LiveA-Sun Amissa - Beneath the Heavy Tides


"For Burdened And Bright Light is a mournful and monolithic LP that combines that weight of Sunn O))) with the Gothic majesty of Prurient." 
Norman Records

“one of the most intriguing, creative musical projects in the underground, crossing genres as if they didn’t exist” The Sound Not the Word

“A-Sun Amissa are a voiceless narrative, a captivating and obsessing experience” Everything is Noise

"The noise juxtaposed with the ambient guitars and strings allows the listener to experience similar emotions to what crash landing on an unknown planet or a near death experience may feel like.... disquieting, unsettling and down right scary in places; the perfect soundtrack to a H.P Lovecraft novel" Astral Noize

"The atmosphere changes to one where you feel abandoned, yet not alone. Dark spectre of sounds cascade around creating a sonic environment of desolation." 
Drifting, Almost Falling

"A vision pure and uncompromising; a blackness illuminating and refined; a statement of intent that works noise, texture and atmosphere with care and precision: Ceremony in the Stillness is beautiful and brutalising. There is nothing to fear here."  4/5 The Skinny

"a very well-crafted album of deeply intelligent guitar music. Ceremony in the Stillness will keep on giving long after the first few listens."  Echoes & Dust

"Ceremony In The Stillness is at once the most accessible and immediate of their releases to date as well as one of the most eclectic and surprising." 4/5 NARC

"This Earth-meets-Godspeed You! Black Emperor hybrid builds into a doom-laden march enveloped by dense atmospheres"  9/10 Svbterranean

"An album that’s both breathtaking and, in places, harrowing, and above all, immersive." Aural Aggravation

"Lingering guitars and steady drum rhythms now make up most of the music, but the gloomy, intrinsic atmosphere remains a constant. A perfectly balanced album, recommended to all fans of slow and dark" Merchants of Air 

"Dispelling darkness and replacing it, if not with light, at least with spiritual illumination. The byproduct of the struggle is an incredible sweetness, which overcomes the odds to have the final word. Finally there is stillness. The heart is at rest." A Closer Listen

"Ceremony in the Stillness locates itself within a deeply atmospheric interzone encompassing guitar-heavy post-rock and dark ambient. Certainly Knox and his fellow trepanners do it as well as anyone." Textura

"The more you listen to it, the more illuminating it becomes, especially if you take notice of the many layers of activity included in each track. Knox and his collaborators take the listener on a sonic journey which is deeply engaging. If you are looking for music that is full of atmosphere, rich sounding, excellently composed and beautifully presented, then look no further. Totally Recommended." Drifting, Almost Falling

"This music is as free as the wind, and with each listen it changes shape and direction. More than being songs in the normal sense of the word, A-Sun Amissa creates soundscapes that move hauntingly in and out of your brain, leaving you with a forever changed mindstate" Cvlt Nation

"Not so much a satanic mass as a acknowledgement of the pain and loss that is an inescapable part of life" We Need No Swords

"An intense, bleak and powerful record and one full of masked, unrelenting beauty." Soundblab

"If the measure of great music, especially instrumental music, is to evoke feelings, to change them, to transport people to different times and places, and to arouse memories, then The Gatherer very much hits the mark on all accounts"  Somewherecold

"You can safely call it a supergroup, albeit from the underground. In four elongated tracks of almost 46 minutes they bring a dark, thrilling and sometimes ethereal mix of drones, neoclassical, soundscapes, dark ambient and avant-garde. An overwhelming and compelling album" De Subjectivisten

"With a blend of drones, experimental ambient and dark jazz, this act convinced me from the very beginning. Their set was the slowest, the only one without a trace of percussion but nonetheless an awe-inspiring and highly immersive one. It gave me goosebumps and I'm damn sure that I wasn't the only one. For a period of time, the entire audience must have felt like they were extra's in the new Twin Peaks series." Merchants of Air (Live review)

“It’s post-rock, it’s jazz, it’s modern composition; it’s the gnarled mirror image of the band’s previous work, a bold experiment that few would attempt.  We admire A-Sun Amissa for choosing the road less traveled” A Closer Listen

“In a style comparable to the grandaddy of post-rock, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, but with an  ambient twist of sonic atmospheres and jazz inflections, A-Sun Amissa explores the progressive world of drones and instrumental intricacy.”  Echoes & Dust

“The power comes from a rusted industrial aesthetic that lurks in the periphery of perception, the mechanical hums and wavering synths reminiscent of a foundry gone the way of the dinosaurs” Rock-a-Rolla

“It’s hard not to think of the chip-wrapper strewn streets of a northern city, the sky as grey as the architecture, and the dead march oppression” The 405

“a series of droning, chilly and cyclical movements that never let up in their moody ambience...... a gathering storm of a piece of music, with some virtuoso violin work that’s both mesmerising and a pleasure to listen to” The Line of Best Fit

“I fear listening to this music on the move, afraid I may end up huddled in corner, cowering and whimpering, mistaking the accidental nudges of fellow passengers of my commute to be the bony hands of death, beckoning me to my demise” Fluid Radio

“The sprawling compositions avoid the mundane repetition that plagues much of the ambient/drone world and instead subtly develops and evolves like the choice work of Stars of the Lid” The Silent Ballet