Born in West Yorkshire in 1980, Richard Knox is an artist, musician and print maker. He founded the independent record label Gizeh Records in 2003 and has made music and toured extensively across Europe since then under many guises, including Glissando, A-Sun Amissa and Shield Patterns. In 2021 he founded Dark Peak Press, a screen printing and creative studio that ultimately formed the basis of the KIN.DER print studio that Richard currently co-runs in his hometown of Glossop.

Knox's sound-world has always encompassed a heavy ambient tendency whilst leaning into the darker reaches of drone, metal and post-rock. His latest release 'Static Hymns to No One' under the moniker Of Thread & Mist was made strictly from analogue tape loops that were processed through various tape machines and effects pedals. Richard created extensive artwork for the release that was packaged together in a hand printed sleeve, made in his print studio.

Releasing records and touring Europe over the years has led to performances and collaborations with the likes of Johann Johannsson, Amenra, Mono and Trespassers William. Through Gizeh Records, Richard has built relationships and networks with musicians across the world and the label recently released it's 100th record.  

Knox creates art through a variety of mixed-media methods, such as monotype printing, risograph, screen printing, collage and more. These works usually find their way onto album sleeves, tour posters and limited edition prints.

Contact: aslowsecret@gmail.com

Richard Knox - SLOWSECRET
Richard Knox - SLOWSECRET
Richard Knox - SLOWSECRET
Richard Knox - SLOWSECRET - A-Sun Amissa